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Website Design

Blue Oaks Art offers different levels of website design - from a basic personal site to complex e-commerce sites. Pricing depends on your needs and starts at $350 for a simple personal website, or $750 for a simple business or professional website.

Personal Website: Personal means that it is not used for any kind of business, it is just a personal website. For example, it might be used as a site just for your family to post photos. This service is for a person who wants a personal domain name and who does not want advertising on their pages. If advertising and domain name are not important to you, then there are plenty of "free" websites that you could use.


Brochure Website: A brochure website is generally a business or professional site with a unique domain name related to your business or profession. It is usually a fairly static site, with material and photos that introduce a potential client to your services or product and provide them with a contact method so that they can ask questions or make a purchase. Our price includes 3-7 pages, a domain name and hosting. The basic price is $350.00 Extra features can be added as needed and are covered in the "extra features" section. An example of a "brochure site is found at:

Reeba Barrows

Interactive Site: The interactive site goes beyond the typical e-brochure. It may have limited sales ability, motion, news feeds, video, a posting board, chat room, and/or photo gallery. Our pricing depends on what features you require, but, generally speaking, a basic interactive site of about 20 pages will start around $550. A good example is found at:

Joe Dynan Music Project


E-Commerce Site: The basic e-commerce site allows you to sell services and product from your site. The site is, typically, fully interactive with forms, photos or video, online catalog, a shopping cart, and credit card processing ability. Pricing begins at $750. Additional features, pages, marketing and maintenance are billed as requested. An example is found at:

Runners ID tags


Marketing Website: This is a complex website, designed to market your product and services. The example below is used to gather sales leads, keep an online portfolio for a professional photographer, and market the photographer's large-format prints.

Steve Chandler Pro Photographer


Other Websites in our Portfolio

Blue Oaks Arts consults with you to design a custom web site to suit your needs. We strive to create fresh and original design as you will see in the some of the sites below. We also provide marketing and cross-marketing for the websites that we host, which increases web traffic for our sites.

Phil Dynan website Ana Nelson website

Reeba Barrows Art John Reiger Pottery website

Running ArtBrotherEagle, SisterMoon book

Joe Dynan Music

Add-on Features

Blue Oaks Arts offers any service you might need to improve the functionality of your website. Listed on the next page are some of the add-on items and approximate costs involved in implementing them. Click here to see the list.