Blue Oaks Arts

A Contemporary Publishing Company specialising in Notecards, Art Prints, Books, Music and Websites


We offer several notecards and art print lines. Art by Phil Dynan, Anastasia Nelson, Woody Thomson & Kseniya Beliaeva

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Publishing services include books, music and notecards.

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Blue Oaks Arts offers a variety of Services, including book publishing, giclee printing, photo and art restoration, professional photography, graphic design, website design, hosting, and marketing services.

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The driving force behind Blue Oaks Arts is a pair of working artists: Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson. Between them, they have a wealth of expereince. Most importantly, they treat each and every job with the same care and artists' eye that they use in their own work.

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Blue Oaks Arts in Action

These are some of the projects that Blue Oaks has worked on.

The art of Phil and Ana has a wide International audience and following.

Anastasia Nelson

Ana is a working artist and professional photographer. Currently she is working on her own series of paintings, as well as collaborating with Phil Dynan on three series of paintings: "Electornica"; "Animal Prescription", and "Portraits of People We Like". She is a graduate of UC, Davis with a degree in Studio Painting. She has been working as a photographer for the past 16 years. She has been painting and exhibiting her work for over 20 years. Ana also owns the Red Bluff Art Gallery and the Red Bluff Art Supply store.

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Phil Dynan

Phil is a working artist and his work has been in exhibits around the world over the past 35 years. His work is also published by multiple companies and distributed worldwide. He is currently working in collaboration with Ana Nelson, as well as developing his own series "The New Plein Air". His work in Serigraphy appears in university text books; and his sports posters have been used by events such as the Tour de France, the San Francisco Marathon, the LA Marathon, and many others. You can learn more about his work on wikipedia or at his website.

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